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Purdue Simulation and ASCE report Pentagon 9/11

The building is between 921 922 feet long , and the distance between column centers is 10' to 10' 1" . The height to the roof edge is 71', and 77 to 78' to the crest of the roof gable.

pentagon ASCE report

In the sim shown below, the plane is quite low to the ground. It apparently hit several light poles, indicating that it stayed paralel to the ground for quite a long distance. (it did not nose dive from above)

pentagon graph

pentagon 911 pentagon 911 asce

Here the cable reels are shown as black circles, the wing and lower hanging engine would have had to clear these cable spools which stood as tall as 7 ft.
The fuselage and wings are shown to be entering on the ground floor only.

pentagon911 pentagon purdue sim
Why did they not take the tail into consideration?
The top of the tail rudder would have hit the 3rd floor even if the plane was at ground level. (which it could not have been, the engines would have left gouges in the grass which we know were not present)


pentagon 911 asce report


Notice here the entry point.
The "wing root" where the wing meets the fuselage is one of the strongest parts of the plane. This should have hit right where the word "column 15" and underlying arrow are.
This particular camera angle shows the approximate angle of attack.
The official report indicates that the plane hit at an angle, with the right wing higher.
If this is so, why is all of the damage on the ground floor?

Notice in this sim, the plane is striking between the first and second floors.
The fuselage would have had to travel through the floor of the second story.
The sim showing the columns being struck, does not take this into account, it only shows the bottom floor columns and disregards the concrete and steel floor structure.

pentagon simulation 911

simulation pentagon simulation

Here is a compostie of what a 757 should look like against the building.


pentagon composite

Here is a composite showing structural damage.
The columns are spaced 10 ft. apart.
What caused the damage to the wall on the second floor ( the top red line)?
Why is there no damage inbetween the main entrance hole and the damage to the right which is over 30 ft. away?
The Purdue sim shows the wing entering the bottom floor.

pentagon sim hole

pentagon hole

pentagon hole911

Here again they are only showing ground floor damage, with the wings paralel to the ground.

Photos of the actual structure damage to the columns...

Anaysis of the angle of attack, considering the height of the wings, clearance of the generator, and light poles struck.

Showing the main probelms with the idea that a 757 hit the Pentagon.


illustrations.pdf American Society of Civil Engineers.
Pentagon Building Performance Report pentagonVis2003.mpeg


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